Thank you for doing your part in helping keep Gonzales a safe and friendly community. It is great how everyone is considerate of one another and helps each other out. We have a fantastic community with wonderful people who live, work and visit here. We also have very dedicated and professional Officers who are committed to maintaining, protecting and serving our great city. If there is anything I may do to assist you in any way, please feel free to contact me at any given time.


As in most communities public safety is the highest priority in Gonzales.  The men and women of the Gonzales Police Department are committed to serving the residents and visitors of our diverse community.  This service is based on a community policing philosophy that forms partnerships with our residents, schools and businesses.  These partnerships have allowed Gonzales to be one of the safest communities in Monterey County. 

The department consists of 14 sworn Police Officers, one Record’s Supervisor, one Police Clerk and one Community Service Officer.  The department is also supplemented by a Volunteer’s in Policing Program that allows community members to assist the police department with many of its day to day operations.  The department has an active Police Explorer Program which allows younger members of the community the opportunity to learn the many facets of police work.

We encourage you to become active in our community policing program.  The residents of our community are the backbone to making Gonzales a great place to live, work and visit.

The Gonzales Police Department supports the Vision and Mission of the City by providing public safety services to all our residents, businesses, and visitors. These services are provided using a cooperative community policing philosophy, in which the Department works with the residents to solve crime and quality of life issues in our diverse community.  

The number one concern of the Department is the safety of all of our residents, businesses, and visitors. The Department takes a zero tolerance to crime and works aggressively to solve crimes that do occur.  

The Gonzales Police Department supports and protects commercial, industrial, and educational institutions in the area.  The Department provides advice as requested, and aides in crime prevention. 

  • 1947-1949   -   Robert Hart
  • 1949-1951   -   Joseph Yetter
  • 1951-1955   -   B.G. Cheatwood
  • 1955-1958   -   Kenneth French
  • 1958-1964   -   James Schafer
  • 1964-1968   -   James Wilkins
  • 1968-1969   -   Glenn Troxel
  • 1969-1971   -   Earl Ashton
  • 1972-1982   -   George Garcia
  • 1982-1990   -   Conrad Aponte
  • 1990-2004   -   Ray Green
  • 2004-2005   -   Roger Williams
  • 2005-2007   -   Paulette Cudio
  • 2007-2017   -   Paul Miller
  • 2017-               Keith Wise

Military Equipment - Government Code §§§ 7070, 7071, 7072 (Assembly Bill 481)

(Posted April 19, 2022)

Information related to Military Equipment Funding, Acquisition and Use Policy is located on this page.

AB 481 requires each law enforcement agency's governing body to adopt a written military equipment use policy by ordinance in a public forum.  Action to commence this mandate must be initiated by May 1, 2022.  On April 18, 2022, the City Council introduced Gonzales Police Department Draft Policy 709 - Military Equipment (including a military equipment inventory).  A copy of the Draft Policy is attached below.  By law, it must be posted on the City’s website for at least thirty (30) days for public review/comment before adoption.

Note: Gonzales Police Department has not obtained, nor does it utilize, any equipment procured from the United States Department of Defense through the Law Enforcement Support Program (also known as the 1028 or 1033 program).

Downloadable Documents:


Excellent benefits. Pers retirement. A great city to represent. Only a few of the good reasons to join the Gonzales Police Department.  Looking for…

Become a Gonzales Police Explorer

Explorers and Police Officers at Day of the Child 2017

Youth can experience what a career in law enforcement would be by working side by side with Gonzales City law enforcement Officials while volunteering in their community.

Start with a ride along! Application below. You can find more information on the Explorers page

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