The Gonzales Fire Department is committed to providing fire prevention and suppression to the residents of our City and Rural Fire District in a friendly, cost-effective manner to ensure the safety of our residents and businesses. The Department continues to work collaboratively with other public safety agencies to maintain the highest quality of service and serve those in our diverse community.  


The Gonzales Fire Department has been able to improve on providing safety services to the public, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, in a safe and effective manner. 

The Gonzales Fire Department has experienced continuous growth in size throughout the years. As of the January 2022, the department has fourteen firefighters and is looking to acquire more. Of those firefighters, seven are sworn full-time employees (one Fire Chief, three Fire Lieutenants, and three Firefighters) as compared to in 2017 where there were only two. With this many firefighters, The Gonzales Fire Department has been able to establish a “Shift Program.” The “Shift Program” ensures that the fire station is staffed with at least two fire personnel at all times and are ready to respond promptly to emergencies. Prior to 2018, firefighters would respond from home and staff fire apparatus when paged. With these improvements, The Gonzales Fire Department has been able to have some of the quickest response times in the Salinas Valley. 

To better improve the quality of Gonzales Fire Department Firefighters, Gonzales Fire Chief Jason Muscio has put forth several of the first educational initiatives.  All Gonzales Firefighters are trained to the standard established by the California State Fire Marshal - Firefighter I curriculum. Training has evolved from being done solely in-house, to be able to be accomplished via online training as well as training provided in a classroom at nearby training facilities. This training enables your Gonzales Firefighters to not only fulfill continuing education requirements but ISO (Insurance Services Office) and California State requirements as well.   

The Gonzales Fire Department is proud to serve and respond to the needs of Gonzales and its surrounding communities. 

  • Continue to search out grant opportunities to assist the City with maintaining and replacing Fire Department equipment

  • Work towards increasing the Volunteer Firefighting force to 20 members

  • Continue to work collaboratively with other public safety agencies to ensure that the residents of our City are receiving the best public safety services available, such as the Auto-Aid Agreements
  • Continue instruction in CPR, First Aid, and disaster preparedness to our residents and businesses to ensure Gonzales is prepared for an emergency  
  • Continue to expand the Volunteer Firefighter shift program in an effort to provide 24 hours a day coverage

  • Continue to perform all duties of the Fire Marshall including business inspections, fire investigations, and all other prevention activities  
  • Continue to train Firefighters towards Firefighter 1 certification  

Under direct supervision, Gonzales Fire Department Volunteers engage in fire and rescue activities. Volunteers respond via pagers and/or radio. Duties are usually performed under emergency conditions, frequently involving considerable hazards. Volunteer Firefighters receive training in modern firefighting techniques and equipment, fire prevention, advanced first aid, C.P.R., salvage, and related activities. 


Duties include but are not limited to those described below. 

Respond on a fire apparatus as part of a crew to provide fire suppression, emergency medical service, rescue, hazardous materials response and other emergency and public services; participate in scheduled training and shift work, assist in the maintenance and operation of stations and equipment, assist in fire inspections for conformance with fire and life safety laws and regulations education programs; perform enforcement assignments for fire prevention; perform other related emergency and non emergency routine and special assignments as directed.


Any combination of education and relevant experience that would likely provide the required knowledge, skills and abilities is qualifying.  A typical way to obtain the required knowledge, skills and abilities would be:

Education: High School graduation or equivalent.

Other Requirements:

  1. Must be 18 years of age.
  2. Resident of Monterey County.
  3. Possession of a valid driver's license issued by a State Department of Motor Vehicles.
  4. Ability to pass a fingerprint check and extensive background investigation.
  5. Ability to attend required Firefighter training through biweekly and supplemental training meetings.

There are differences in the required qualifications for resident and non-resident Volunteer Firefighter.  Please contact the Fire Chief at for more information.


  • Resident of Gonzales
  • Completion of a CA OSFM Accredited FF1 Academy
  • CA/Monterey County Licensed EMT-1/Basic or higher
  • Bilingual
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Fire Department History

Gonzales Fire house with CDF Station attached

Gonzales Fire Department was housed next to the jail cell behind 46 Fourth St on Belden St at the alley. 

The two story building had meeting/training room on top of the two engine bays. California State Forestry build the first Gonzales CDF station attached to the Rural fire station. 

September 23, 1914 Fire

Picture of a fire on Fourth St from 1914

September 23, 1914

Most Devastating fire ever in Gonzales according to the notes from the 1974 centennial book. The fire burned several buildings on Fourth St. Fire spread from building to building stopping only at the masonry building and wide Belden street. 

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Gonzales Fire Department
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325 Center Street, Gonzales, California 93926
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Fire Chief

Fire Chief Muscio in front of American Flag
Jason Muscio

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