What is a Sustainable Community?

A sustainable community is one whose prospects for long-term health are good. Its residents and businesses do not deplete the resources that they depend on faster than those resources are replenished.

Specific Characteristics Include:   

  • respect for basic rights and recognition of basic responsibilities

  • living within ecological carrying capacity

  • equal opportunities for individual development

  • a diverse economic base

  • a vibrant democracy - with informed, involved residents

  • protection of natural diversity

  • improving the standard of living

  • maximizing the use of people's abilities while minimizing the use of natural resources


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Sustainability Coordinator

Clean Air award, Maury Treleven and Harold Wolgamott accepting award
Maury & Harold

How do I's

Residents and businesses seeking to establish first time service can do so in person at Gonzales City Hall located at 147 Fourth Street.  For general…
Residents and businesses seeking to make changes to their existing service should contact Tri-Cities Disposal & Recycling directly at 888-678-…