Gonzales' Budget Process runs from July 1st through June 30th of the next year. This is a fiscal year for the City of Gonzales.  

The budget starts in the spring with each department submitting proposed budgets to the City Manager.  

The City Manager meets with all departments about their budget proposals.  

The City Manager prepares a balanced budget for the City Council in May or June.  

The City Council provides input and the budget is adopted before July 1 of each year.  

Once adopted, quarterly reports are provided by the finance department to each department. The City Manager monitors the budget income and expenses with the assistance of the finance department.  

The City Manager brings the City Council updates regularly, usually at the midyear and third quarter points.  

When the fiscal year is complete, the budget is complete, the City's finances are audited (checked) by an outside firm. The Audit report is provided to the City Council when complete.  

Budgets and Audits are available online when complete. 

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