The City of Gonzales annually adopts a fee schedule. The fee schedule is for the fiscal year, July 1st through December 31st.  

The current fee schedule is below and on the Documents section of this website.  

The fees are in sections

  • Administrative Fees
    • What is charged for labor when working on specific projects beyond the normal activities.
    • There is a section for printed subscriptions for City Council and other meeting notices.
  • Business License fees based upon type of business and annual income
    • Fee schedule is available with the license application on the Documents page here.
  • Facility use fees have a few sections
    • General fees
    • Class I : Gonzales non-profits, community, and youth organizations
    • Class II : Private use by Gonzales residents, groups, and special parties
    • Class III : Commercial use
  • Recreation Fees
    • Special Events  
    • Pool fees
  • Labor Camp (Employee Housing)  
  • Photocopying and Reproduction Costs 
  • Telecommunication Facilities  

  • Utility Users Tax rates 

  • Garbage Collection rates 

  •  Water Service rates 

  •  Wastewater Service rates 

  •  Police Department fees 

  •  Animal Control fees 

  •  Public Works fees 

  •  Planning Department fees 

  •  Building Regulation fees  

  •  Fire Department fees  

  •  Impact Mitigation fees  

Fees are established by Gonzales City Code 1.44.020, "The City shall by resolution adopt, and may by resolution from time to time amend, a schedule of fees and charges applicable to city services and functions not otherwise specifically provided for in this code. Said schedule shall be known and designated as the general fee schedule of the city."  

How do I's

You can pay your water, sewer, and trash services online at the municipal online payment portal here. 

Where to Pay Fees

Gonzales Utility Bills, which include Water Service, Sewer Service, and Trash Service can be paid: