City Council Members

The Gonzales City Council meets the First and Third Monday at 6 pm in the City Council Chambers located at 117 Fourth Street.

Dates for future City Council meetings and other commission and committee meetings , agendas, and videos of the meetings can be found on the City of Gonzales Granicus site

Election Results

  • Mayor Maria Orozco - Mayor

    Mayor Maria Orozco

    Mayor Orozco 

    elected City Council 11/01 to 12/02
    elected City Council 12/02 to 11/06
    elected City Council 12/06 to 11/10
    elected Mayor 12/08 to 11/10
    elected Mayor 12/10 to 11/12
    elected Mayor 12/12 to 11/14
    elected Mayor 12/14 to 11/16
    elected Mayor 12/16 to 11/18
    elected Mayor 12/18 to 11/20


    Transportation Agency for Monterey County
    Mayors' Association
    Mayors' Select Committee
    City & School Steering Committee

  • Scott Funk - Mayor Pro Tem

    Councilmember Scott Funk

    Mayor Pro Tem Scott Funk

    appointed 12/08 to 11/12
    elected 12/12 to 11/16
    elected 12/16 to 11/20


    League of California Cities
    Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments
    Salinas Valley Recycles
    City & School Joint Steering Committee
    Economic Development Committee 

  • Liz Silva - Councilmember

    Councilmember Liz Silva

    Councilmember Liz Silva

    appointed 1/09 to 11/10
    elected 12/10 to 11/14 
    elected 12/14 to 11/18
    elected 12/18 to 11/22


    Association of California Cities Allied with Public Safety
    Salinas Valley Recycles
    Measure K Oversight Committee

  • Paul Miller - Councilmember

    Councilmember Miller sitting at the dias

    Councilmember Paul Miller

    elected 12/18 to 11/22


    to be determined

  • Lorraine Worthy - Councilmember

    Loraine Worthy at city council meeting

    Councilmember Lorraine Worthy

    elected 12/18 to 11/22


    to be determined