Located in the heart of the nation’s salad bowl, Gonzales is an established regional leader in agricultural-technology and innovation, environmental awareness and sustainable practices. Known as the ‘Wine Capital of Monterey County”, radiating from the heart of Gonzales River Road, are approximately 11 vineyards with tasting rooms, picnic areas, wine country charm, down-to-earth staff, and visitor amenities.

Gonzales’ location and responsive city government offer an economic advantage to employers that desire to start a business, expand and diversify operations, or relocate.  Located in Gonzales, or within close proximity, is a workforce with diverse skills, including health care, public administration, manufacturing, and education.

Gonzales is one of the most affordable housing markets in the region making homeownership a reality for many residents. Gonzales is dedicated to building not only business, but community, wellness, and family. From affordable housing to beautiful parks and open spaces, Gonzales is a great place to work and raise a family.

The City of Gonzales offers a wide range of programs and services that assist companies currently located in our region, as well as businesses seeking to relocate or expand. The City of Gonzales is a great place to start a business or expand an existing business. The city has the resources to assist you in reaching your economic goals.


Rendering of large wind turbine in field near farm
Beginning on 11/17/2014 the Gonzales wind turbine began supplying a clean and sustainable source of power to the Taylor Farms fresh vegetable…
City Manager, Rene Mendez receiving award, outside with sun shining
The Western City, Monthly Magazine of the League of California Cities featured the City of Gonzales as it was was awarded the California Cities Helen…

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Community Development Director
Matthew Sundt

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Business Testimonial - Green Valley Farm Supply

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"The City staff are incredibly professional and they have gone above and beyond to work cooperatively with us.  They know the issues and are thoughtful and diligent in working through solutions." — Mike James, CFO Green Valley Farm Supply