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When you come to Gonzales City Hall, we always have our friendly staff ready to help you answer questions, find forms, or assist you with signing up for a program through the Recreation Department. We hope that you can also find answers to many of the most requested services here too. As always, we are happy to help!


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Neighbor Project

The Neighbor Project

The Mandell Gisnet Center offers low cost mediation services to community members through the Neighbor Project. This program was established several year as ago as a result of a tragedy that occurred in our County resulting from a neighbor dispute. At the Mandell Gisnet Center we encourage early resolution of disputes before they escalate. We provide skilled mediators to guide the parties to a successful result. We offer peer mediation training to community groups who may be interested in developing or expanding mediation and communication skills. To set a Neighbor Project mediation or a community training, contact us today. 

Call (831) 582-5234 x 1039