The City Engineer is responsible for the City’s Capital Improvement Program and Land Development projects. The Capital Improvement Program includes design, bidding, and administration of a wide variety of improvement projects.

The City Engineer is responsible for:

  1. Designing, bidding/awarding, and managing Capital Project design plans. Improvements include public buildings, streets/sidewalks, water system (wells, pipelines and storage tanks), storm drains, sewer collection system and the wastewater treatment plant. Recent projects include:
    • Alta Street Pavement Reconstruction
    • Active Transportation Program (new sidewalks and access ramps)
    • Improvements at the Wastewater Treatment Plant (sludge removal and berm repair)
    • New Well 7
    • City Council Chambers Remodel
    • Community Pool Renovation
    • Central Park Restroom
  2. Reviewing development applications for traffic impacts, flood hazards, drainage impacts. Map documents include Tract and Parcel Maps, Certificates of Compliance, Lot Mergers, and Lot Line Adjustments.
  3. Assessment District administration including the landscape maintenance contract.
  4. Compliance with the RWQCB Storm Water Permit and the Federal Flood Plain Management Program



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