The Community Development Department supports the Vision and Mission of the City by providing professional planning services to the City. The Department promotes quality of life in Gonzales through careful attention to the City’s physical and social development requirements. The Department promotes economic development consistent with the City Council’s goals, and City’s adopted plans and programs.


The Department processes applications for all physical development involving private land, including Conditional Use Permits; Site Plan Permits, Sign Permits, and subdivision and parcel maps. The Department works closely with applicants, other City Departments, and County, State and Federal agencies to ensure development conforms to requirements and the best contemporary practices. The Department manages environmental review for projects and supports the Planning Commission and City Council, and is also responsible for maintaining and updating the Zoning Ordinance and Gonzales General Plan. Other activities include building assistance, the loan program, Downtown Revitalization, interagency coordination, grant applications and administration, and affordable housing programs. The Department also works on economic development through outreach assistance to property owners and developers in the promotion of the City.


New initiatives will be carefully managed and limited due to budget constraints.  New project review activities will be undertaken only upon receipt of application fees or reimbursement agreements from applicants, or when assigned through the City Manager. Efforts will be focused on completing projects for which funding is in place. 


February 2019 is the targeted date for Pembrook Development to submit an annexation application to the City of Gonzales for the Vista Lucia Specific Plan. This application will initiate the "annexation process" whereby the Community Development Department will formally present the application to the Planning Commission and then to the City Council.  Upon City Council approval of the necessary documents the annexation application is forwarded to the Monterey County LAFCO for their review and approval.  These reviews by the decision-makers should come to a close by June 2019.  Various reports on the subject of public infrastructure will be submitted with the application.  This application will address the annexing of approximately 450 acres (the Fanoe Ranch) to the City that are located on the east side of the Hwy 101.  Anticipated will be the development of approximately 1,700 residential units (apartments, SFD on various sized lots, duplexes, triplexes, etc.) and appurtenant public infrastructure, a school, and parks.  In addition, a refined Specific Plan and Development Agreement will come to fruition in 2019.  Grading and trenching for below ground surface infrastructure is anticipated in 2020 at the earliest. Pembrook Development will obtain the entitlements for the project and then sell off large portions of real estate to developers - e.g., KB Homes, Shea, Centex, etc.)


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