The Mission of the City Manager/City Clerk is to support the Vision and Mission of the City by providing professional leadership, develop innovative approaches and creative partnerships in the management of the City, and execution of City Council policies.  This will be done by always holding to the highest ideals of public service and ethics.


The City Manager’s Office is the Chief Administrative Officer for the City responsible for overseeing and managing all the activities of the City.  In addition, the City Manager is also the Personnel Director, City Clerk, and Director of the Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency, Finance Director, Risk Manager, and oversees and manages the budget.


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A Farwell Letter from Former City Manager Rene Mendez 
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Gonzales City Codes

The Gonzales City Code is current through Ordinance 2017-103, passed October 16, 2017.

Disclaimer: The City Clerk's Office has the official version of the Gonzales City Code. Users should contact the City Clerk's Office for ordinances passed subsequent to the ordinance cited above.