Please fill out the Public Records Request form to request any public information, documents, or records from the City of Gonzales. Please return the form to City Hall, 127 Fourth Street, Gonzales, CA 93926. You may also fax the completed form to (831) 675-2644.

Your request will be processed in compliance with the Public Records Act. 

California Government Code Section 6256. Right to copy identifiable public records: Time limits "Any person may receive a copy of any identifiable public record or copy thereof. Upon request, an exact copy shall be provided unless impractical to do so. Computer data shall be provided in a form determined by the agency. Each agency, upon any request for a copy of records, shall determine within 10 days after the receipt of such request, weather or not to comply with the request and shall immediately notify the person making the request of such determination and the reasons thereof."

The following policy applies to all requests for documents from the City of Gonzales:

  1. Within ten days of the day your request is received, you will be advised of when the records will be available for review or when your copies may be picked up.
  2. The information you have requested will not be faxed to you.
  3. Payment for copies is due when you pick them up.
  4. If it is required that materials be mailed to you, they will be sent by first class mail but will not be mailed until payment is received.
  5. Charges are: $0.10 per copy page. $4.05 per document for certification. If mailed, postage will also be added to the total fee. 

You will be contacted when your requested information is ready. 


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