Gonzales is a city that strives to continually serve its population with the love, care and connection that typify the Gonzales Way. You can see it in how you get personal attention at City Hall, how you are greeted at the Post Office, and how a feeling of peace and safety is standard. 

City Stats:

Elevation: 135′

Area: 1.927 mi²

Population: 8,460 (2016)

Phone Area code: 831

Zip code: 93926



Gonzales will continue to be a safe, clean, family-friendly community, diverse in its heritage, and committed to working collaboratively to preserve and retain its small town charm.



The City Council and Staff of the City of Gonzales will realize our Vision by providing the leadership, commitment and resources necessary to provide excellent services that enhance the quality of life of our diverse  community.


City services will be delivered in a cost-effective, respectful and friendly manner to insure the safety and well being of the residents and the promotion of business, recreational, housing and employment opportunities in an environmentally sustainable manner.


Strong fiscal policies allow us to provide appropriate infrastructure for:


· Public Safety

· Housing

· Recreation

· Environment

· Education


The Gonzales Way
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The Gonzales Way
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Neighbor Project

The Neighbor Project

The Mandell Gisnet Center offers low cost mediation services to community members through the Neighbor Project. This program was established several year as ago as a result of a tragedy that occurred in our County resulting from a neighbor dispute. At the Mandell Gisnet Center we encourage early resolution of disputes before they escalate. We provide skilled mediators to guide the parties to a successful result. We offer peer mediation training to community groups who may be interested in developing or expanding mediation and communication skills. To set a Neighbor Project mediation or a community training, contact us today. 

Call (831) 582-5234 x 1039