Highlights for this week

COVID-19 Updates

  • LOCAL COMMUNITY HEALTH OFFICIALS: If you are interested in volunteering to administer COVID-19 vaccines, register/apply here.
  • ICU Capacity was at 7.4% just last week and is now at 4.7%. Please keep you and your families safe by wearing your masks, washing your hands frequently, and staying home.
  • If you are quarantined and in need of food and other resources, please email cogcommunityhealth@gmail.com.

Food Distributions

  • Gonzales Community Church Food Pantry will be having a food distribution on 01/29 at 10 AM at the Community Church Education Building at 4th and Day Streets.

Job Opportunities

  • The Gonzales Police Department is still looking for a police officer. If interested, click here for the application and additional information!