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Recreation Dept Virtual Playground

City of Gonzales Recreation Department says


Dates: Monday-Friday (While school is out) starting March 18, 2020

To view videos, go to our YouTube Channel: City of Gonzales California Recreation Department

10:00am - Preschool Friends

Come watch what fun activities Miss Ana and Mrs. Andrea have cooked up. Storytime, music, and a preschool learning lesson!

12:00pm Chapter Book Read

Kid Power Staff will be reading out loud. If you have the book at home, read along with us! Tune in daily to hear the next chapter.

2:00pm - Fun Activity 

All activities will be doable with items you already have at home. It might be STEM, it might be a dance party! Tune in daily to find out.

4:00pm - Family Fitness

Mrs. Isabel will keep you fit and focused with fun fitness activities. Check out some family fitness ideas to keep your mind happy, your body healthy, and your stress low!

Fridays @ 3:30pm - Facebook Live with Kid Power Staff

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