Public Works Staff

Your Public Works Department is staffed by a dedicated team of professionals committed to providing reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective services and facilities.

This page will soon show our dedicated staff. We want to continuously improve. Call City Hall and leave a message or send an email with suggestions or items that need our attention. You can also fill out a service request form here.

Patrick Dobbins - Public Works Director / City Engineer

Patrick Dobbins
Phone number:831-675-5000

Patrick has been the City Engineer for thee last four years. He began the Public Works Director job the first of February, 2019. He is the first person to combine the Public Works Director and City Engineer jobs. 

Many years ago, Patrick was City engineer on specific projects.

He brings engineering expertise and knowledge of Gonzales to provide service The Gonzales Way.  

  • Tifanny Twisselmann - Public Works Supervisor

    Tifanny Twisselmann, Public Works Supervisor

    Tiffany is the number two in the Public Works Department. She operated the wastewater system and provides project leadership for public works projects. Tiffany oversees programs like Stormwater, FOG, and street signs. OSHA compliance is high on her priority list. 

  • Andrea Navarrete - Administrative Assistant for Public Works & Recreation

    Andrea Navarrete, Administrative Assistant
    Phone number:(831) 675-5000

    Andrea provides support for the whole office specializing with Public Works and Recreation. 

  • Frank Valladarez - Leadworker

    Frank Valladarez, Leadworker

    Frank coordinates daily operations and maintenance of the many systems controlled by public works for the City of Gonzales. If you want something done, ask Frank. 

  • Raymond Vasquez - Mechanic

    Raymond Vasquez, Mechanic

    Raymond maintains all city vehicles. The list of "other" equipment he is called upon to repair is long. Every department relies on Raymond to keep them moving.  

  • Jose Haro - Maintenance Worker

    Jose Haro, Maintenance Worker

    Jose has been providing service to the city and our residents for over 40 years. If Gonzales has it, Jose has probably fixed it before. He completes his assignments with expertise that comes from experience. 

  • Andrew Lujan - Technician

    Andrew Lujan, Technician

    Andrew is a system technician maintaining water and wastewater systems. Andrew monitors the wastewater treatment plant for chemical and biological balance. When there is a spare moment, he helps other crews in other areas. 

  • Martin Espinoza - Maintenance Worker

    Martin Espinoza, Maintenance Worker

    Martin works on everything from streets to parks to utilities. Martin is a reliable steady worker that takes time to learn the new systems so when he is needed, he remembers how to fix them. 

  • Roverto Zavala - Maintenance Worker

    Roverto Zavala, Maintenance Worker

    Roverto is a talented tractor operator and uses his troubleshooting skills for lots of systems from electrical to plumbing. When the city needs an equipment operator, Roverto is assigned. 

  • David Martinez - Maintenance Worker

    David is an all-around worker and can be seen everywhere from the wastewater treatment plant to the parks. David moves from one side of town to another, wherever there is need. If you see him driving by, wave, he's headed to the next work order.