List of Public Works Projects:

  • Well 7
  • Meyer Park restroom replacement
  • Street marking repainting
  • Fifth Street bridge traffic improvement
  • Street tree trimming
  • Wastewater treatment plant expansion
  • Centennial Park improvement
  • Central Park tree replacement program
  • Pavement Management Plan

February 23, 2018
Alta Street Update

The current construction area is from Gonzales River Road to the south Dole entrance. All Constellation Brands and Dole traffic is using Gloria Road. The work is going well and should be paved by February 28th, next Wednesday evening. When complete, Alta will be open for traffic clear through town in both directions.

The Last construction area is the intersections of Alta at Gonzales River Road and Alta at Tenth Street. These intersections will be closed at the same time. The work was scheduled for March 2-4 but now will be the following weekend. Gonzales River Road and Tenth Street will be closed from 6 pm on Friday March 9th through Sunday evening on March 11th. This is being done on the weekend to lessen the effect of the roadwork.

To prepare for the intersection work, there will be single lane closures with flaggers to assist traffic during the week of March 5th to March 8th at various times around the Alta/Gonzales River Road intersection. These lane closures will be for short periods and there will be temporary stop signs to control the intersection while the traffic signals are not working.

When these intersections are complete, there is still more work to be done. The last layer of pavement, striping, and manholes are the final work. These will be done with moving small detours as the work proceeds. There will be no intersections or large areas closed.
So, the good news is that Alta will be open for through traffic on March 1. The disappointing news is that the weekend work is delayed one week, to March 9-11.

Thank you for your patience. We can see the finish line.

Harold R Wolgamott
City of Gonzales Public Works Director


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