The Gonzales Way

The Gonzales Way is the way we raise happy, healthy, successful children in Gonzales, California. It comes down to this: Love, Care, and Connect.

A child who feels loved will grow up strong and confident. Love is expressed through care: attention, protection, and guidance. And when we help children connect to their community and to opportunities, they have support to fulfill their dreams.

The Gonzales Way that began as the framework for an initiative and has developed into how we live in Gonzales, began with the Gonzales Youth 21st Century Success Initiative: A Cradle to Career Government, Education, Community & Workforce Partnership. With this initiative, Gonzales and its partners set the stage to continue to provide the setting to allow children to grow up in Gonzales with Love, Care, and Connection. You can find the report here.


Women's Work in Gonzales: Sister Pauline Thomas
The History of Día Del Niño

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