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Taylor Farms Wind Turbine towering above field in Gonzales CA

GONZALES, CA - On November 17, 2014, the Gonzales wind turbine began supplying a clean and sustainable source of power to the Taylor Farms fresh vegetable processing plant located in the Gonzales Agricultural Business Industrial Park. 

Why is There a Wind Turbine Located in Gonzales?

The wind turbine is a component of the City’s Community Sustainability Initiative (aka Gonzales Grows Green [G3]). The City already boasts of a robust recycling program for its residents and businesses, has solarized its municipal domestic water well system, and has solarized its municipal wastewater treatment plant. The City’s attention to sustainable practices has saved taxpayer dollars and added to the City’s already charmed quality of life. Harnessing the strong valley breeze that arises in Gonzales every afternoon is the next logical progression toward making the City more sustainable and less reliant on traditional sources of energy. The wind turbine will account for an 80% reduction in the City’s carbon footprint for its commercial and industrial sectors, which puts the City in line with the objectives of the City’s Climate Action Plan.

What is the Cost of the Wind Turbine? Is it a Burden on Local Taxpayers?

By negotiating various agreements, the City’s investment in the wind turbine project is minimal, which includes staff time to process permits, seek government approvals, and prepare legal agreements. The property on which the wind turbine is located belongs to the City. The wind turbine was constructed at no cost to the City. Taylor Farms will lease the wind turbine from the City for 25 years. Taylor Farms has a separate power purchase agreement with Foundation Windpower, a Silicon Valley company that installs and maintains commercial-scale wind turbines for businesses.

How Much Power does the Wind Turbine Produce?

Assuming the wind turbine was in use 24 hours a day, the power yield would be 2,500,000 kilowatt hours, which is enough power to serve 700 single-family homes. It is anticipated that the wind turbine will provide approximately 50% of the electrical demand of the Taylor Farms Plant.