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The Building Department supports the Vision and Mission of the City by providing leadership, commitment, and resources for excellent service in a friendly cost-effective manner necessary to ensure the safety of our built environment.

The Buiding Department is staffed by competent staff ready to serve. We use contractors for plan checking and inspection services. Inspections are scheduled by calling City Hall at 831-675-5000. Our courteous staff will take messages if our regular staff can't attend to your needs immediately. We are working to have our application and inspection services available from this web site. Please be patient as we grow in capabilities.


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Building Department
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147 Fourth St., Gonzales, CA
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Yes, a permit is needed. There are important electrical, gas piping, pressure relief and seismic issues that must be addressed in the installation of…
Yes, a permit is required. There are code requirements for roofing. In the City of Gonzales, the general rule is that only Class B fire rated roofing…