What's the Gonzales Way?

The Gonzales Way

The Gonzales Way
The Gonzales Way is the way we raise happy, healthy, successful children in Gonzales, California. It comes down to this: Love, Care, and Connect.

Partnering with Taylor Farms

Partnering with Taylor Farms
Taylor Farms has been an active community partner with the City for many years. One of the most visibly obvious outcomes of this is the wind turbine that helps to create and save power for the city.

Spotlight on Youth Council

Spotlight on Youth Council
Our Gonzales Youth Council has been making news again! This group of enthusiastic and passionate young leaders is continues to make the City proud with its conscientious involvement in the community and world around them.


Most frequently asked "How Do I?" questions:

The Animal Control Officer is in charge of making sure that all animal regulations put in place by the State of California and the City of Gonzales is adhered to by the community of Gonzales. The Animal Control Officer is a great source of…
We recommend that you fill out our “Lost Pet Form” and submit it to the Animal Control Officer if you have a lost pet. The Animal Control Officer may have already located your pet or can assist in locating your pet.  Many times other residents will…


11/19/2018 • 6:00 pm

The Gonzales City Council meets the First and Third Monday at 6 pm in the City Council Chambers located at 117 Fourth Street.

Dates for…

11/22/2018 • 8:00 am
11/23/2018 • 8:00 am
11/27/2018 • 5:00 pm


NOVEMBER 9 Spartans do it AGAIN 54 to 49 with 3.5 seconds left GO SPARTANS  
  Congratulations, Gonzales! MCCC Innovation and Leadership Award On November 5th, Gonzales Way was honored for their innovation and leadership by the Monterey County Children's Council (MCCC). The City of Gonzales is the first city in Monterey…
Have a good idea to make Gonzales an even better place to live?  If so, apply today for a Gonzales Community Action Grant.  ¿Tienes una idea para hacer Gonzales un lugar aún mejor para vivir? Si es así, aplique ahora para una Beca De Acción…
Meyer Park Restroom Opens October 27, 2018 A large crane and lots of work came together to install a new Restroom at Meyer Park. This new addition to the park is a welcome one to all of the families that bring small children to play. In addition to…
New Speed limits go in effect November 1, 2018 Alta speed limits: 10th to C Street is 30 mph, C St to 750 S Alta is 25 mph, 750 S Alta to Gloria Road is 45 mph  Gonzales River Road is 35 mph 15 mph on Elko from 5th St to 1st St, Cielo Vista, Del…