You can pay your utility bills on line at our on line payment portal here. 

Gonzales is a full-service City providing water, wastewater, and solid waste services. On this Utility Services section, we will provide information on utilities in Gonzales. 



Solid Waste

Utility bills may be paid via our on line portal, or in person at City Hall, 147 Fourth St., Gonzales, CA 93926.

In order to connect, disconnect, or change utility service the Utility Service Order form must be completed, returned to City Hall at 147 Fourth St., and all required fees paid. 

Broadband services are available in Gonzales. 

The following Internet Service Providers have provided the following information. 

Wi-Fi Service with a Hotspot ranges from $10-$95
Unlimited Data for tablets: $20 with cellular service.
TV Service will be offered in the upcoming months.
More information www.t-mobile.com



Cruzio offers broadband connectivity in Gonzales

Cruzio, established in 1989, connects businesses and residences with multi-gigabit fiber internet, enterprise-grade wireless internet, and other internet and web services. To get a quote for service, or to talk to our team about a project, go to cruzio.com/contact.



Charter Communications

Spectrum Internet offers the best value to ensure you stay connected at the best price, with speeds up to 940 Mbps. Want more? Spectrum gives you a FREE modem, FREE antivirus, and we never cap your data usage. Make sure to add fast in-home WiFi so you can stream your favorite shows using multiple devices. Stuck in a contract? We’ll buy it out up to $500!

Call to learn more: 1-833-694-9256 or visit: Spectrum.com


January Water, Sewer, and Trash bills are due today. Bills not paid by 5 pm will have a 10% late fee added
January Utility Bills not paid by 5 pm will be disconnected in the morning

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