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City of Gonzales Water Tower

The City Council of the City of Gonzales adopted Resolution 2022-31, “A Resolution of the City Council of the City of Gonzales Proposing to Adopt a Special Tax Increasing the City’s Transactions and Use Tax (Sales Tax) by One-Half Percent (0.5%), Calling for a Special Mailed Ballot Election to be held on August 30, 2022, Ordering that a Question Relating to the Levy of a Special Tax be Submitted to the Qualified Voters at the Special Mailed Ballot Election, Requesting that the Board of Supervisors of Monterey County Consent to the Consolidation of the Special Election with any other Election Conducted on said date and Requesting Election Services from the Monterey County Elections Department,” at a noticed public hearing on May 31, 2022.  By this action, the City Council has called for an all-mail ballot election on August 30, 2022, that will place the question of adoption of a new one-half percent (0.5%) special transactions and use tax before the voters.  To learn more about the proposed tax measure, please review the attached copy of Resolution 2022-31 and attachments. 

Members of the public may prepare and file written arguments in favor or opposed to the proposed tax measure not to exceed three hundred (300) words with the City Clerk by not later than 5:00 p.m. on June 20, 2022.  A ballot argument may not be accepted unless accompanied by the printed name and signature or printed names and signatures of the author or authors submitting it, or if submitted by an organization, the name of the organization and the printed name and signature of at least one of its principal officers who is the author of the argument.  No more than five signatures may appear on any argument.  If more than one argument is submitted for or against the measure, the City Clerk shall select the argument for printing and distribution in accordance with the provisions of Elections Code Section 9287.  Pursuant to Elections Code Section 9285, when the City Clerk has selected the arguments for and against the measure, which will be printed and distributed to the voters, the City Clerk shall send copies of the argument in favor of the measure to the authors of the argument against, and copies of the argument against to the authors of the argument in favor.  Rebuttal arguments may thereafter be prepared in a length not exceeding two hundred and fifty (250) words and shall be filed with the City Clerk by not later than 5:00 p.m. on June 23, 2022.  Rebuttal arguments shall be printed in the same manner as the direct arguments.  Each rebuttal argument shall immediately follow the direct argument which it seeks to rebut. For further information concerning this matter, you may contact the City Clerk’s Office at  831-675-5000.

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