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City of Gonzales Director of Emergency Services
Executive Order
Establishing a Citation Fine Process for Face Coverings Order Violations

July 29, 2020 - Today, the City of Gonzales joined with Monterey County and other local cities establishing a process for issuing citations to those who do not comply with the requirement to wear face coverings while at work, in businesses, and around other people as instituted by Order of the Governor and County Health Officer. The Executive Order, which includes a schedule of monetary fines for violations, is effective immediately.

The action was taken in order to help prevent further spread of COVID-19 in response to concerns regarding the current rate of new cases and hospitalizations. The City will continue to seek compliance primarily through public education, the issuance of warning notices in lieu of citations for first-time offenders, and the distribution of face coverings if needed. According to City Manager René Mendez: “Most of the community has responded extremely well to the changes required during this difficult time and the City is very appreciative, but we need to continue to improve since cases continue to increase.” The new Order is designed to provide another tool to effectively enforce these measures with individuals who refuse to comply voluntarily in order to protect public health.

Since the pandemic began, the City has implemented an extensive number of measures involving enforcement of the County Health Officer’s orders, safety of City facilities and staff, public health and education, business assistance, outreach efforts, virtual recreational programming, weekly food assistance, and public assistance.

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