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4th of July

If you have been longing for a get together with friends or family to celebrate the 4th of July - you can have one by creating a Social Circle! Gather your safe and sane fireworks (where allowed), barbecue supplies, outdoor sports equipment then connect with your favorite people to get your Social Circle in place in time for the holiday.
Social Circles are a way to begin bringing people together in small groups as Monterey County reopens. Large social or event gatherings are still not allowed anywhere in California but the Monterey County Health Department has created guidance for smaller social circles to offer much-needed socialization and support for friends and families in a way that potentially limits exposure to the virus.
Social Circles are:

  • Small, stable groups of 12 or fewer people that are part of either a:
    • Household and Friends Support Unit or
    • Children's Extracurricular Activity Unit
  • You may only participate in one Social Circle for a four-week period with few exceptions. However, think ahead and be creative! Start making plans with friends and family for future circles based on common activities such as sports conditioning, walking groups, work-out groups, outdoor teas or a birthday party with limited friends.
  • Social circle gatherings must take place outside to reduce the risk of COVID-19.
  • Those in Social Circles are encouraged to:
    • Maintain six-foot social/physical distancing from each other
    • Gather outside
    • Wear face coverings
    • Wash or sanitize hands frequently

Social Circles do not prevent families from being part of a daycare or day camp cohort.
To find out more about Social Circles, the Monterey County Health Department has details and guidelines for Social Circles available in English and Spanish.